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We are glad to inform you that we start providing a line of Training programs addressed to all those involved in inland and offshore fish farming
The training is provided remotely and covers the following fields
Best practices in the management of fish stocks for offshore farming
Juvenile stocking procedures
Feeding practices
Fish harvesting procedures

Best management practices in existing or upcoming RAS for finfish
Estimation and evaluation of RAS systems for finfish
Pre growing
Grow out farm
Operation procedures for a RAS to run smoothly
Physico-chemical measurement practices
Feeding procedures
Biosafety procedures

Best practices in Aquaponics management
How to estimate and build a profitable aquaponics farm
Evaluation of existing Aquaponics
Best operation procedures

All training will be done remotely
To apply for a training simple sent your inquire through the contact us form on our website.
A representative will contact you for further details.
A quotation will be sent for your approval according to your specific requirements. You can choose a full training package either the topic you are interested in the most.
We look forward to exploring together how to improve your system and your farm productivity
For rasconsulting. expert
Efstathios Lampakis

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